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Our Hierarchical
Advancing Data Modelling

People Mixing

Build from the bottom up

Each hierarchical model level fuels the final model’s predictive power. Using wider global and domain insights within our models, we can predict 60-70% of the signal of a particular problem.

Make it bespoke – we add client data, assumptions and expertise to personalise and enrich our models. This allows us to understand the historical impact of client actions on their results – compared to the wider market, so we prescribe the best future actions with ever-increasing accuracy.

Build from the bottom up

Data science, our principles

At Predyktable, data science is not just another commodity where every client gets the same set of models – we build these bespoke for you. We work closely with you to develop the best solutions that extract the most value around your business. Working with Predyktable is therefore never faceless and we build our relationships on trust.

Data Science

Solve the right problem. We want to be crystal clear in what we’re looking to solve. So, we look far and wide when exploring ideas for each piece of analysis. These ideas are then mapped back into the product we’re delivering and business problem we’re solving.​

Break out of the box. There’s lots of value in the exploration journey that’s not always shared. We avoid this loss by delivering analytical process transparency, with constant feedback provided as we extract value at all stages of the machine learning pipeline.​

Iterate Often & Learn Fast. We won’t accept quick sub-par solutions. We’ll experiment and learn quickly to set expectations effectively.​

Access all your insights effortlessly in one place, with interactive features for tailored analysis. Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and hello to real-time, informed decision-making. View all your insights in our new, easy to use, personalised dashboard.

Platform technologies

Our platform quickly ingests, enhances and processes your data ready for our Predyktable technology suite.


Prediction engine

This employs machine learning with other advanced analytics techniques to enhance your data with global & local trends, such as weather, travel and localised demand spike.


Prediction interface

We output predictive recommendations through our Predykted visualisation app, or directly into your own. Go faster by automating recommendations into your systems through APIs.


Prediction visualisation

Our visualisation app clearly presents our prediction recommendations in an intuitive infographic.

Predyktable architecture

We design our platform using modern architecture principles: API first, component based, with total privacy. We run on Google Cloud using automated IaC tooling and follow Google’s Secure Foundation blueprint to ensure security and compliance.


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