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No need to shop around – we’ve got your retail strategy covered.


We deliver data-fuelled recommendations, so you take the best future actions that deliver most value.

If you’re a retailer, you’re probably competing on price daily. Not to mention razor thin margins, high street woes and the challenges of understanding consumers’ ever-evolving needs. To keep ahead, you need ML driven demand forecasting from Predyktable, custom built for you. You’ll not only understand what and why, but what’s next and what to do about it.


How about achieving these gains just for starters


Identify areas to reduce cost: labour optimisation, waste reduction and stock management.


Increase sales with ML driven predictive analytics and demand forecasting.

Pay Per Click

Optimising pricing at a regional level to maximise the profit opportunities and much more.

There’s a lot to love about Predyktable


We offer in-sector consultancy expertise and will always push back if something’s not right for you. You’ll receive a fully managed service – we’re always by your side.

We advance predictive analytics as a service to uniquely provide the most accurate actionable foresight via custom-built models.


We deliver speed to value as our models go live and evolve quickly. We’re flexible: you can display results in our dashboard, or fully automate into your systems.

We employ the best technologies built with security scale and ease of integration. It’s your data not ours, so we’re also GDPR compliant.

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We work with you every step of the way, so your teams understand, accept and relish change: which enables adoption to be achieved as easily and quickly as possible.

Predicting your future just got easier

Whatever your size, we deliver actionable foresight faster, without complexity and compromise.

Try our free evaluation of your data analytics requirements.