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Revolutionise your demand forecasting with machine learning and predictive analytics

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Machine learning driven demand forecasting

Our data-driven solution empowers marketers to unlock actionable insights from their data, optimise marketing strategies, and drive revenue growth.

We seamlessly integrate your data with external information, leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to build predictive models that identify untapped sales opportunities. Our actionable insights, delivered however you need them, empower you to make real-time data-driven decisions that resonate with your customers and drive business growth.

Our products:

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Demand Forecasting:

Use Predictive Analytics to improve demand forecasting accuracy by up to 20%, leading to a 10% increase in profits. Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, anticipate market trends, and make smarter decisions that drive growth.

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Labour Optimisation:

Matching staffing levels with anticipated demand helps in reducing labour costs while maintaining service quality.​

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Inventory Management:

Reduce storage expenses, aligning inventory levels with actual needs. Minimise out-of-stock occurrences, ensuring customer satisfaction and safeguard sales.​

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Bespoke Data Consultancy:

We offer a customisable and managed service that goes beyond a basic SaaS offering by providing tailored solutions and ongoing support.

We offer a high level of customisation, and build our prediction models tailored to each client’s specific needs in retail and hospitality. This personalised approach addresses your unique business challenges and data landscape.

We offer a high-touch, strategic solution that goes beyond basic software access. This includes data integration, model configuration, ongoing support, and industry expertise.

Our process

We use a unique process, which combines data science with our in-sector consultancy, to create our custom made dynamic prediction models. Our models continually aggregate your data, alongside wider industry data, to predict what will happen and prescribe what to do when it does – fast.



It all starts with our domain experts working with you to define goals and success criteria. This consulting-led approach helps best address your unknowns and delivers the most valuable outcomes. You’ll quickly gain confidence we can deliver your goals with our free evaluation.


Our Predykt engine enhances your data with global & local trends, such as weather, travel and localised demand spikes. Our data scientists build & optimise our prediction models which identify previously elusive, connected, patterns; unlocking data’s true value.



Our models are then outputted through our visualisation app Predykted or directly into your own app. We also turn data insights into action faster using automation. Our Predykt API’s integrate directly into your core systems.


Our data scientists continually find new insights to keep models relevant, while learning from the data so they deliver the most accurate foresight fuelled predictions. Our expert team is with you every step of the way helping you solve new challenges facing your business.

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Whatever your size, we deliver actionable foresight faster, without complexity and compromise.

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