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A talented team of technologists

Yes, that’s us. But we can’t go it alone. We have ambitious plans at Predyktable, and for plans we need people. If you’d like to join the team then please contact us via the form below.


Current Vacancies

Senior Data Scientist – Machine Learning (Retail)

Predyktable is an ambitious and rapidly growing startup that thrives on innovation and embraces a remote-first work culture. We are seeking a seasoned Senior Data Scientist with a strong machine learning background, deep expertise in consumer facing business, marketing and segmentation, and the ability to lead and mentor junior data scientists. Join us in shaping the future of data-driven retail.

Job Description:

As a Senior Data Scientist at Predyktable, you’ll play a pivotal role in redefining the retail & hospitality industry through data-driven insights. In this remote-first role, you will lead and mentor junior data scientists and analysts, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and drive impactful insights that have a direct impact on our business. If you are passionate about machine learning, retail, and thrive in a dynamic startup environment, we invite you to be a key contributor to our mission.

Key Responsibilities:

Machine Learning Expertise: Apply advanced machine learning techniques to solve complex retail challenges, including customer segmentation, demand forecasting, and personalised marketing.

Leadership: Lead and mentor a team of junior data scientists in a remote work environment, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

Consumer Domain Knowledge: Utilise your deep understanding of the retail & hospitality industries, especially in marketing, demand, and segmentation, to inform data-driven decisions and strategies.

Independent Problem Solving: Take ownership of complex data science projects, work independently, and drive them from inception to execution, delivering high-impact solutions.

Data Exploration and Analysis: Analyse large datasets, identify trends, and develop data-driven recommendations for marketing and segmentation strategies.

Model Development: Build and deploy predictive models, recommendation systems, and customer segmentation algorithms that enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.

Collaboration: Collaborate remotely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, product management, and Technology/Engineering to integrate data science solutions into business operations.

Communication: Effectively communicate complex technical concepts and insights to non-technical stakeholders, influencing data-driven decision-making across the organisation.

Management: Manage junior members of the team, along with relationships with client for bespoke analysis.

  • Master’s or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, or a related field.
  • Proven experience as a senior data scientist, with a strong focus on machine learning.
  • Extensive background in the retail/hospitality industry or other consumer facing business.
  • Advanced proficiency in Python is required.
  • Cloud Experience – GCP (preferred), Vertex AI, AWS, Azure
  • Expertise with machine learning libraries and frameworks (e.g., PyTorch, TensorFlow, LightGBM/XGBoost, scikit-learn).
  • Experience with MLOPs, deployment, containerisation, source control.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently.
  • Strong leadership and mentoring abilities.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Prior experience in leading and managing data science teams is a plus.
Who we are:

We are an advanced data analytics company, leveraging AI and predictive analytics to dynamically model and understand the direct impact of consumer behaviour on purchasing decisions. Although our specialism is data science, people are our priority. As such, we have a strong company ethos which is founded on the values below:

Empathy- We believe wellbeing at work and home is non-negotiable; we encourage and embrace a workplace which is tolerant, understanding, supportive and promotes positive mental health.

Diversity- We love building our team of amazing humans from all different backgrounds and believe that diversity and inclusivity collectively strengthen us.

Creativity- All the data in the world is pointless without the ideas and creative skillset to apply it. We believe creativity fuels new ways of working, problem solving and ensures we remain relevant.

Fairness- We want every single decision made by any member of our team to be done with honesty and fairness at its heart. Fairness drives ethical decisions and has truthfulness and integrity at its core. Being fair builds trust.

Our Purpose:

In today’s evolving landscape, where social opinions are driving dynamic shifts in consumer behaviour, Predyktable firmly believes that through data and AI, we can predict how national behaviour influences what, when, and how people buy goods and services.

By gaining a deep understanding of community needs, businesses can create experiences that are not only positive but also highly relevant to their customers.

We achieve this by collecting a diverse range of information, from global economic and environmental factors to regional indicators such as social sentiment and demographics. We also gather industry-specific signals from trade press to regional events. All these data points are fed into our consumer-behaviour engine, which uses AI algorithms to provide a comprehensive view of consumer behaviour. Combining these insights with historical business data enables us to offer unique predictive recommendations, designed to deliver actionable value for each client.

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