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See what happens when accurate foresight gets actioned

Use Cases

The platform

Dynamic Demand Forecasting

In today’s evolving retail landscape, securing the right product, right place, right time is vital. But how do you make informed, profitable decisions while monitoring regional demand?

Relying solely on pricing won’t cut it. Customer expectations are also driven by availability, experience, and ethical considerations.  

Reliance on historical data falls short in delivering the accuracy needed for sound predictions.

With Predyktable’s real-time data, external factors, and predictive machine learning for dynamic demand forecasting, delve deep into regional trends, understand customers better, and make informed, profitable decisions in a changing retail world.

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Dynamic Demand Forecasting 

Machine learning is revolutionising demand forecasting, empowering businesses to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, anticipate market trends, and make smarter decisions that drive growth. 

With Predyktable you gain the power to delve deep into regional demand trends, considering customer preferences and ethical inclinations. Use Predictive Analytics to Improve demand forecasting accuracy by up to 20%, leading to a 10% increase in profits. 

Watch the video below to find out more!  

The platform

Ad-spend Optimisation

Tighter privacy regulations, increased advertising costs, the rise of new marketing channels. Does this sound familiar? 

The way we shop has never been more flexible, with purchases being made on multiple devices, browsers, and sessions. But the price of consumer convenience, is ever-increasing complexity for marketers.

Tracking the success of your marketing spend across individual channels and customer touch points is practically impossible. Any attribution of credit to a sale is now tenuous at best.

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Ad-spend Optimisation

At Predyktable, we don’t think tenuous cuts it. So, we’re pioneering an AI and predictive analytics service delivering foresight fuelled recommendations for marketers. This means you start taking the most insightful and profitable actions with confidence: 

With our actionable insights, you can confidently make real-time, data-driven decisions that unlock new opportunities, drive efficiency, and increase profitability. You’ll focus less on the attribution of a single channel and more on the optimisation of all your marketing mix and ad spend. 

How do we do this? Click the video below to find out….

The platform

Hyper Personalisation

Understanding your customers better is more important than ever. This means getting personalisation right. It really pays, especially when you’re creating customer experiences – so they’re aligned to their ‘actual’ wants and needs.

This means you’ll need more advanced data analytics, designed by experts, to equip retail professionals with the most accurate foresight so they take the most valuable future actions.

This is where Predyktable comes in. We go way beyond just predictions.  We create predictive models that predict what will happen and tell you what to do when it does.

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Hyper Personalisation

Our AI and predictive analytics service empowers you to provide hyper-personalised experiences around content and products. With our insights, you can identify high-value customer segments and take profitable actions with confidence. This results in increased customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction, ultimately driving business growth. Our solution transforms personalisation into a strategic advantage. By leveraging data-driven insights, you can engage customers on a whole new level, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty while driving business growth. 

The platform

Customer Sentiment

For Retail and Hospitality marketers, building customer loyalty, retention, brand reputation and awareness are all top of mind. 

But gaining a better understanding of your brand’s perception through the lens of customer opinion, feelings and beliefs is challenging.

So, how do you better gauge brand sentiment through the voice of the customer?

Current analytics tools offer limited views on what’s being said about your brand, as they mainly focus on social media analysis and sample surveys.

They don’t show how you’re perceived through all online and offline touchpoints. So, you’re not getting the bigger picture. 

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Customer Sentiment 

Predyktable’s advanced AI and predictive analytics offer a 360-degree view of your brand’s perception, ensuring you’re not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations. Our model provides a holistic view of customer sentiment by incorporating data from a wide array of touchpoints, online and offline. We offer in-depth insights into what customers truly think and feel about your brand. 

• Identify areas for improvement to enhance brand reputation 

• Leverage data-driven insights to create hyper-personalised experiences for your customers 

• Build stronger, lasting relationships with customers and foster loyalty 

With our actionable insights, you can make informed decisions that enhance your brand’s image and drive long-term success. Watch this video to find out more!