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Stronger together

We’re not only on a mission to change the world of hospitality and retail, but data analytics and machine learning too. We do this with the support of several businesses. Collaboration is key to breaking down silos and being stronger together. We have a number of exciting partnership opportunities including a Referral Programme and Technology Partnership options.

Our partnership with Imperial College London is an effective and direct way to support the next generation of data analytics talent. As an Imperial Partner, we offer opportunities and support through placements, proposals, and insight sessions. We then employ these valuable experiences with those who share our excitement around how actionable data foresight can make a difference.

Imperial College

We’re taking active steps to offset our carbon footprint to be a more sustainable business.
We already tread lightly as an organisation, while supporting reforesting and other positive green initiatives around the world.

The Direct Commerce Association (DCA) does a great job of sharing best practice, insight and expertise. As a DCA member, we share their values by supporting and educating their multi-channel retail community about how to gain the most value from Predictive Analytics.

DCA Associate Member

Predyktable has been onboarded onto the highest Scale tier in the Google Cloud for Startups program. The Scale Program is helping us swiftly build and scale our industry-first, Predictive Analytics engine using Google Cloud services. Through this program, we utilise the very best technologies and resources to deliver the highest quality services, that address our customers’ unique challenges – securely, without unnecessary complexity, costs and effort.

techUK is a membership organisation that brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. They collaborate across business, government and stakeholders to fulfil the potential of technology to deliver a stronger society and more sustainable future.

Predyktable are excited to be new members of techUK and to build new partnerships through their platform.

Are you a daring data scientist or a tenacious technologist?

We’re always looking for talented people to join the Predyktable team.


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