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This webinar is for marketing, data, demand planning, operations and supply chain professionals, seeking a smarter way to make more profitable future decisions – with ever-increasing accuracy.

Our 2023 industry research shows that over 65% of Retail and Hospitality professionals lack the data quality and predictive analytics capabilities urgently needed to enhance business-critical, forward decision-making.

In our exclusive 50-minute webinar, learn why and how advanced ‘Prescriptive Analytics’ solves these challenges by predicting what will happen and recommending what to do about it.

You’ll gain actionable insights backed by industry research, see the magic of enhanced demand forecasting actioned by our chief data scientist and learn from live Q&As.

You’ll then be a step closer to predicting and acting – with ever-increasing accuracy and confidence.

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Wednesday 28th June

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights about how the cutting-edge power of prescriptive analytics can deliver actionable foresight for you. If you have any questions or can’t make the webinar contact us.


Phillip Sewell
CEO & Co-Founder

For over 22 years, Phillip has been leading digital enablement and data-driven change across Retail brands including Marks & Spencer, River Island, Arcadia and Jack Wills. From pioneering click & collect, to executing complex multi-channel digital initiatives, he continually influences brands up to board-level, so they stay ahead. As the co-Founder of Predyktable, Phillip is now advancing data analytics to significantly enhance critical forward decision-making across Retail and Hospitality sectors. Outside of work, he’s a trustee at the Hospice of St Francis acting as its digital strategist.

Colin Crawford
Director of Data Science

For over 8 years, Colin has been advancing machine learning and big data technologies to provide commercial value in an ethical and sustainable way. He’s worked in multiple sectors including Retail banking, to improve the way businesses, systems, and people function better. Colin now leads Predyktable’s data science practice to deliver sophisticated modelling solutions that help Retail and Hospitality brands better understand the impacts of their future decisions – with ever-increasing accuracy and confidence.