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End-to-end data solution with ClicData and Predyktable

Our Solution

Predictive analytics can increase revenue by 15% and reduce costs by 10%.

However due to resource constraints, cost prohibitors and data quality; only 15% of UK businesses are utilising prediction models. These blockers to growth are being removed through an innovative partnership between ClicData and Predyktable.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Streamlined resource allocation enables you to leverage predictive analytics without overburdening your existing resources. Data professionals are an expensive and scarce resource; we provide highly skilled industry experts for every step.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Focusing on the data that will give you the most value first, is a more cost-efficient way of centralising your data.
  • Improved Data Quality: We prioritise data quality, ensuring accurate and reliable insights, that will deliver ROI fast. Having a rich, clean data pool enables you to implement predictive analytics quicker and start increasing your revenue.

By integrating ClicData’s robust data platform with Predyktable’s cutting-edge AI-driven predictive analytics, we are now equipped to offer our clients an unprecedented level of insight and agility. Together, we empower organisations to harness the power of data, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and drive exceptional results. Our partnership strengthens our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. Start centralising your data today, with a clear objective in mind.

Benefits for you

  • Centralise, manage and gain insights from your data with our end-to-end solution
  • Industry specialists from Data Analysts to AI experts and ML Engineers
  • Support throughout your data journey
  • Connect to 300+ data sources
  • Access real-time external data sets
  • Immediate revenue increase
  • Manageable streamlined data
  • No hidden steps- we do the work for you

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Why we’re excited

Hear from Predyktable’s Co-Founder & CPO in this video, including his opinions of our partnership and why it is crucial to businesses today.

In the video below ClicData’s Head of PR & Media discusses his thoughts on our innovative partnership and…

Geoff’s Video

Our Partnership

ClicData and Predyktable have joined forces to revolutionise decision-making in the Retail and Hospitality sectors.

We are both at the forefront of helping businesses to make correct business-critical decisions in the face of constantly changing, complex environmental, economic, and consumer behaviours. This industry-first partnership introduces a comprehensive data analytics solution that empowers customers to not only manage their entire data lifecycle, but to act swiftly on accurate prediction insights powered by Predyktable’s predictive models.

This collaboration opens up profit-generating use cases for UK Retail and Hospitality brands including optimising spend, demand forecasting, marketing strategies, labour allocation, and more, all based on increasingly precise predictive insights.